Welcome to Bowls Leicestershire

On behalf of our Presidents, Deepak Tanna and Aileen Rowden, all the Officers of Bowls Leicestershire welcome you to our web-site, which we trust will be informative and of interest to all our members and friends.


Goodwood B.C.


Welcome to everyone participating in ladies bowls throughout Leicestershire and Rutland in 2014, whether player, official or supporter.
Now that we are a unified County, we welcome Bowls Leicestershire and look forward to our future together.

My charity this year is to be shared between VISTA, the local parent charity for the Kathleen Rutland Home for the Blind and our own Leicestershire Ladies Benevolent Fund.
Vista ensures that local people with vision impairment have a good quality of life. If you have time, please look them up on www.vistablind.org.uk.

Our own Benevolent Fund is always there for people who are ill in hospital, or who have suffered bereavement in the family, or one of our ladies who cannot now bowl, either through age or infirmity.

My club, Goodwood Bowls Club, have been more than kind in offering their services for this year, so a big thank you to them. They are hosting my Charity Day on Saturday March 29 from 11am until 2pm. Please come along, enjoy a chat, something to eat and drink and spend a little in support of these good causes.

We all want to win competitions and get to Leamington or a final at our Club, but whatever level of bowls you play ensure you enjoy it. Along with the social side of our clubs - meeting new and old friends - that’s the reason we play bowls.

I hope we all have a healthy and fun time in summer 2014 and let’s hope for similar weather to last year.

Aileen Rowden
BL Ladies President 2014


Welcome to All Fellow Bowlers, Friends & Colleagues.

I am humbled by the task before me and most grateful for the trust you have bestowed upon me. I thank my club, Goodwood Bowling Club, for the unconditional support it has shown.

I applied for the role as President for one simple reason – my love for the sport. It's a huge privilege and honour and a great responsibility to take on this task. I will give it my all to the best of my ability for my club and my county. Between us all, we must continue the developments that have made us such a strong county with our exceptional teams and bowling facilities across Leicestershire.

There are two important and essential principles that I will make my priorities – trusting people and sharing responsibility. We all have a duty as members, as sports people, and as friends, to the well-being of the game of bowls. By carrying out these responsibilities, we can strive for the sustained development and betterment of our beloved sport. As President, I will not be able to do this on my own; I need the support of every member and of every friend and colleague.

To my fellow bowlers, it would not have been possible without your support for me to step into this role. It is thanks to you that we have a sport that is not just a game of win or lose but a game which is of friendship and conviviality. It is a game that brings young and old together and most of all, it is a game which makes us a family. Your commitment and dedication continues to drive this sport forward and as I always say, bowling is a sport of friendship and love.

Here in Leicestershire we are keen to attract new members into this beautiful game of ours, networking continuously with our neighbouring clubs to bring communities and people of all ethnicities and ages together. This is something which we should all be proud of.

There should be no competing within clubs for members; it is about building a platform for the future of our sport for all clubs. With this in mind, our own bowls development scheme has seen the acquisition of several carpets and equipment that can be, and has been, loaned out to clubs across the county to help them with recruitment drives. We are always going the extra mile to help increase exposure across Leicestershire and inform all clubs of developments across our county. I ask my fellow bowlers, friends and colleagues: “ASK NOT WHAT YOUR COUNTY OR CLUB CAN DO FOR YOU, ASK WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR CLUB OR COUNTY.”

I, along with my wife Shobna, very much look forward to meeting you all over this coming year. I would like to be thought of as the people’s President by sharing ideas and communicating effectively with all clubs and members.

Let’s make this a year to remember! 

Deepak Tanna
BL Mens President 2014